Facebook Shuts Down Israeli ‘Far-Right’ Party’s Facebook Page

‘This is blatant interference…trying to sway the results of the elections,’ says a party member.

In an open case of election meddling, the social media giant of Facebook has taken down the page of a small, nationalist party in Israel known as “Otzma Yehudit.”

Described by pundits as a party that follows in the footsteps of Jewish nationalist leader, Rabbi Meir Kahane, Otzma Yehudit offers a platform that promotes Jewish identity in all facets of Israeli society.

As is so often the case with censorship from social media giants, Facebook provided no reason for removing the page or warning beforehand, according to the party’s spokesman. Party member Itamar Ben-Gvir suspects that the move may have been made due to the party membership of Benzi Gopstein, Otzma Yehudit’s election campaign chairman. Gopstein is the head of “Lehava,” an organization in Israel that promotes opposition to intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews. Facebook had taken down Lehava’s page as well.

Otzma Yehudit will petition on the matter to Israel’s Central Elections Committee.

The party has never managed to pass Israel’s electoral threshold, which now stands at 3.25% of the overall vote. During the parliamentary elections in 2015, the party barely fell short after receiving 2.97% of the vote on a joint list with ultra-Orthodox party Yachad.

This incident shows social media censorship against patriots is not limited to the United States. Facebook is intent on shutting down nationalist voices wherever it can find them in order to promote its globalist liberal agenda.

Written by Michael Levine

Michael Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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