Democrats, Media Orchestrate Failed Coup Attempt In National Disgrace

After two long years, more than 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witness interviews, and one national disgrace – the investigation into whether President Trump colluded with Russia is over.

Standing tall is President Trump. In many ways, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report felt like election night all over. With the dust settled, another crushing defeat was delivered to the democrats, establishment and never Trump faction of the republican party who so desperately want him and America to fail. For the president, the findings strengthen his presidency and provide his supporters with what they wanted all along: vindication.

Call the investigation what you will. A farce, a sham, a witch hunt. It is all of those things and more. Democrats should welcome the findings that our president did not collude with a hostile foreign adversary. Instead, they have proven themselves incapable of protecting this country through impartial governing.

The left has placed a target on the back of America. Through their propaganda, they have perceived us as weak, divided, and a country in ruins. While President Trump remains steadfast in his resolve to return America to its rightful spot as the greatest nation in the world, democratic socialists look to apologize for America and all that makes this country great.

They should commend the Trump team for repeatedly refusing Russian offers to “assist” with his campaign. Remarkably, that is not and will never be the case with this democratic party. They loathe the president and lose sleep at the thought of his existence and yours, the Trump voter. There is no decorum, no standards of morality, no respectability. Just a party willing to go to any length to destroy this presidency.

History will remember the investigation for what is was, an attempted coup by the democratic party carried out with their co-conspirators, the cowards in the fake news media. As it turns out, the Mueller investigation did find damming evidence. It uncovered the largest media bias this country has ever seen. The medias work covering the 2016 election, the president, the White House, and Russia can be labeled as nothing more than irresponsible, unprofessional, and slanderous. The only thing that has been compromised are the coastal media elites who were willing to discredit themselves and lose the trust of the people who turn to them to provide unbiased news. The media is no longer an asset, it’s a hindrance to the truth. They have launched a misinformation campaign with the sole purpose of controlling what the average reader believes. Their obsession with Donald, trumped their professional integrity which was once the cornerstone of the only thing that mattered – their credibility.

Written by John Seravalli

John Seravalli is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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