Yair Netanyahu Exposes Israeli “Deep State”: “They Are The Ones That Really Run Things Here”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son is eager to expose the shadowy cabal which really controls Israel

Yair Netanyahu called out the Israeli “deep state” and urged his followers to do more research into their activities in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“Citizens of Israel! I strongly encourage you to explore the term ‘Deep State’. They are the ones that really run things here,” Yair wrote. “In Israel there is not really a democracy, there is only an appearance.”

Yair was likely alluding to ongoing machinations by the likes of Attorney General Avichai Mandelbilt, Shin Bet Chief Nagav Agarman, billionaire speculator George Soros, and former IDF Chief turned Opposition Leader Benny Gantz, all of whom seek to bring Netanyahu’s increasingly nationalist premiership to an end and replace him with a liberal centrist who shares their globalist vision.

This is not the first time that Yair has discussed the deep state.

Haaretz reported in December that a friend of the Netanyahu family claimed that it was “easy to convince [Yair] about conspiracies”, and that Yair believed a “deep state” was “persecuting” his father. The report claimed that Yair had become a major ideological influence on the Prime Minister in recent months, “[sending] his father a large number of articles from the deep right-wing conspiracy theory ecosystem”.

Yair has also warned of a Turkey-style “coup” taking place in the Jewish state in order to remove his father from office.

Yair is not the only one. Belazel Smotrich, a MK for the hard-right National Union, has also alluded to the existence of the Israeli deep state.

“The ‘deep state’ has in recent years reached heights we have never seen before, and there is a fear that there are elements that joining together in order to overthrow the right-wing government,” Smotrich claimed earlier this month.

As the national-populist movement continues to grow across the world, deep-seated establishment interests will conspire to undermine it. We need to be thankful to patriots like Yair Netanyahu who are willing to risk their own careers in order to use their status as public figures to expose these subversive elements.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the Managing Editor of The Schpiel.


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