Muslim Knife Attack In Wrocław, Poland

29 year-old Turkish citizen “Muhamet E.” chased by witnesses after stabbing a 20 year-old to death

A 29 year-old Turkish citizen by the name of Muhamet E. stabbed a 20 year-old to death in the Polish city of Wrocław on Saturday, reports Gazeta Wrocławska.

The stabbing occurred after 8pm Saturday at a McDonald’s in “Galeria Dominikańska,” a large shopping mall in the city. Muhamet reportedly stabbed his victim, a fellow Turk, several dozen times after getting into an argument and a scuffle. The victim was briefly resuscitated but did not survive.

Harrowing footage shows witnesses chasing Muhamet after the attack, despite the attacker still wielding his knife. Witness accounts claim that the attacker wielded a combat knife, not a regular kitchen knife.

After Muhamet was chased by witnesses, the police came and arrested the attacker.

“Near the [knife] attacker were two or three men who had been running after him from the beginning,” recounted Marcin, an eye-witness.

“The policeman pulled out his gun and ordered him to drop the knife and lay down. The attacker threw his knife toward the tunnel under the Dominican Square. He was overpowered and put in handcuffs,” Marcin added.

Image of Muhamet holding his knife following the fatal stabbing

Gazeta Wrocławska also interviewed one of the anonymous men who had chased Muhamet following the stabbing. “All of a sudden I saw a person running with a bloody knife. I didn’t see the attack itself,” said the anonymous eye-witness. “I yelled at him to throw down his knife. He saw the escalator and ran towards it. I ran after him. Then I saw that others were chasing him, too.”

“Once outdoors I tried to stop him, but he slashed at me with his knife,” the eye-witness added. “Then the police showed up, which is when he finally threw down his knife and was apprehended.”

Police have not yet released the name of the victim or the motive behind the fatal stabbing. Court proceedings are reportedly going slowly due to lack of a Turkish translator.

Written by Alex Witoslawski

Alex Witoslawski is The Schpiel's Central and Eastern European Correspondent.


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  1. I thought I would never seen this type of headline in Polska. Thanks to France, Germany and the other globalists like Soros that push for open borders.

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