Inside The Soviet-Style Railroading Of Roger Stone

Stone is a political prisoner being punished for supporting President Trump as well as being an effective right-wing provocateur

Long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone is an infamous political dirty trickster - a moniker that he wears with pride. However, Stone maintains that he has always worked within the boundaries of the law as a Republican operative, and his indictment by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller this morning is nothing short of a Soviet-style railroading.

Stone’s home was raided by federal jackboots earlier this morning with CNN capturing the display in real time in a clear instance of collusion for the purposes of producing propaganda to hurt the President. He was released today on a $250,000 signature bond.

“This country is literally run by a rogue prosecutor who has more power than the president,” said Stone, who now believes that America is now a frightening Big Brother police state resembling the “new Soviet Union” and he fears that his grandchildren will grow up in this dystopian Hell.

Stone will continue fighting to the bitter end but believes that it is a real possibility that he may “disappear into the bottom of a modern American gulag archipelago.”

An anonymous federal law enforcement official talked to Infowars confidentially and told them, “Never have I been so ashamed of federal law enforcement as I am today. To raid Roger’s home is unbelievable. The FBI is throwing away whatever credibility it had left.”

Honest observers were quick to point out that what Stone was indicted by Mueller for doing what the smear merchants of the fake news mostly refuse to do: conduct actual journalism.

Stone remains undaunted despite these legal hurdles. He defiantly threw up his deuces, like his hero Nixon did, while posing for the media’s cameras today.

Mueller’s expensive fishing expedition continues to make a mockery of the criminal justice system while holding back Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. It might be time for Trump to suspend democracy until these deep state enemies of freedom can be targeted, removed, imprisoned, and perhaps sentenced to corporal punishment for their ongoing seditious conspiracy to prevent America from being great again!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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