China Aims To Rid ‘Cancer’ That Is Hong Kong’s Liberties

Could this be the end of Hong Kong?

Another dark cloud of terror drifts closer towards the people of Hong Kong, who are once again being targetted by the Chinese Communist Party who, according to a recent piece from Newsmax, aims to launch “new national security legislation against Hong Kong” whom state-run media is labeling a “cancer” due to the independence movement that caught global attention early this year when thousands of individuals partook in very public acts of civil disobedience, which humiliated the communist government of China as a result.

There are no current rules announced so far, but it will only be a matter of days until leaders in Beijing officially state their new plans aimed at targetting the culture of Hong Kong. The use of such freedoms we take for granted, such as public assembly and speech, which the people of Hong Kong have used to bring international attention to their cause, are directly in the crosshairs by this new plan.

“It will make Hong Kong like mainland China,” said Emily Lau, a pro-democracy politician in Hong Kong. Lau made it clear that the communists from mainland China will almost certainly “take away our freedoms, rule of law and personal safety.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has paralyzed every nation, activists who once took to the streets in Hong Kong have had to hunker down like everyone else, drowning the momentum they gained prior to the crisis. At the height of the public demonstrations, it was common for Chinese law enforcement to arrest and harass activists for such things as “demanding rights promised under the constitution. Pro-independence figures in Hong Kong told the press that “China hasn’t made inroads like this through Hong Kong since it took control over the territory from Britain in 1997.”

The state-run news outlet Xinhua News Agency on Thursday published an editorial which promoted the communist effort to silence political opposition in Hong Kong, painting the city as unruly and in a current state of “turmoil” on top of “collusion with outside forces and a pro-independence push.”

“We must take a zero-tolerance attitude to this cancer on the body of the country and the nation and be determined to eradicate it completely,” the editorial stated, continuing that it must be a priority to force the “Hong Kong people regain the dignity and glory of being Chinese.”

According to another piece covering this situation from the BBC, public pro-independence figures such as Democratic Party leader Wu Chi-wai stated that such a concentrated effort to silence the people would essentially be the death of the “one country, two systems” that has existed since 1997.

Another pro-independence leader and public official Dennis Kwok added to Chi-wai’s concern, saying that “if this move takes place, ‘one country, two systems’ will be officially erased. This is the end of Hong Kong.”

This is a developing story.

Written by Adam Kohen

Adam Kohen is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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