Protesters Chase Fox News Reporter Outside White House

Protesters chased Fox News reporter Leland Vittert outside the White House early Saturday morning, as protests against George Floyd’s death around the country turned into violent riots.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was on the scene as protesters chased Vittert away from where he had been covering the demonstrations.

In video captured by the DCNF, some members of the crowd can be heard shouting: “Fuck Fox News! Fuck Fox News!” Another man shouted: “Fuck that fake-ass news!”

One protester can be seen running up to Vittert and grabbing his microphone, which the protester later hurled at the reporter. Other protesters threw water onto Vittert as he departed the scene, the video showed.

Vittert was live on the air when protesters first began accosting him.

Protests turned violent Friday night in cities across the country, including Dallas, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. Some people in Atlanta, Georgia, vandalized CNN’s headquarters, broke glass and set fire to a police car.

Written by Peter Hasson

Peter Hasson is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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