Omarosa Sex Tape Resurfaces

A 2010 sex tape featuring disgraced Trump aide Omarosa Manigault has re-emerged

In the wake of former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault’s release of secret recordings of President Donald Trump, a 2010 tape has re-emerged depicting her having sex on camera with a much younger man in an outdoor tent.

Omarosa appears to be having sex with R&B artist Ray Lavender, who was nine years her junior at the time, in a clip from the first season of the reality TV show The Ultimate Merger. The show, which was produced by Donald Trump, is similar in style to The Bachelorette, except geared towards an African-American audience.

Lavender and Omarosa first appear on camera to be making out on top a bed, but the two soon get under the sheets, and it becomes apparent that the two individuals are engaging in intercourse.

Although the camera initially cuts away, an unzipping sound is heard, and not long after, Omarosa is heard moaning with pleasure as the camera cuts back and the two individuals appear to gyrate under the bedsheets. Lavender asks Omarosa if he can “get in”, asks whether “[she likes] it like that”, and repeatedly warns her when “it’s coming”.

After the encounter, Lavender asks Omarosa, “Was it good?”, to which she responds in the affirmative.

This is far from the only instance of promiscuous behavior from Omarosa. In February, Omarosa exposed her breasts on another reality show, Celebrity Big Brother. British news anchor Piers Morgan has claimed that Omarosa offered him sex as a means of making money from their joint appearance on Trump’s hit TV show The Apprentice in 2007.

The sex tape will surely further undermine Omarosa’s credibility as she continues her media offensive against President Trump following the release of her tell-all book, Unhinged.

In a Wednesday interview, Omarosa accused Trump of “inappropriate” behavior towards multiple women, including her.

She subsequently claimed that singer Aubrey O’Day had showed her “dirty texts” and “very personal photos” from the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., suggesting that a revenge porn incident may well have been perpetrated by the two women against Trump Jr.

Omarosa also alleged that the President used the n-word on the set of The Apprentice, though this has since been debunked by pollster Frank Luntz and Trump campaign staffer Katrina Pierson.

Written by Mark Wilmoth


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