Putin Exposes Fake News’ Conspiracy Theories Of Alleged Backroom Deals With Salvini

The fake news erroneously reported that �?secret talks’ were happening between Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and the Russian deputy PM

The smear merchants of the globalist fake news media are at it again. This time, they are concocting a ridiculous conspiracy theory claiming that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is plotting with the Rooskies for nefarious purposes!

One of the entities running this unsubstantiated rubbish is the Daily Beast. They published the following embarrassing drivel on the topic:

Italy’s interior minister and vice premier, Matteo Salvini, went off the grid for 12 hours during an official state visit to Moscow last October. Tales of Russian prostitutes seemed to explain the time lapse for the single statesman. But a new exposé by the Italian newsmagazine L’Espresso suggests that his time may have been spent doing something far more sinister: he may have been making backroom deals with Russian operatives ahead of European Parliamentary elections.

The investigation, which the magazine says was conducted over several months, comes to the conclusion that Russian president Vladimir Putin is selling 3 million tons of diesel fuel via a Russian company to an Italian state company, Eni, that Salvini as interior minister can help manage.

L’Espresso names the first Russian company involved as Avangard Oil & Gas, which has a curiously opaque façade, and is housed on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow next to major firms like ExxonMobil, Repsol, Shell, Glencore amd Samsung.

The Russian profits, according to L’Espresso, would then be funneled back to Italy to fund Salvini’s Lega [League] party to help it engage in the dark art of manipulative online persuasion ahead of European elections in May.

Big Daddy Vlad’s government maintains that these allegations are absurd and unfounded. Ilya Dzhus, who works as the spokesman for the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, spoke out against the loony paranoid conspiracy theories of the fake news.

“The so-called �?investigation’ by the Italian L’Espresso is based on some flimsy fantasies that do no credit to the media outlet. Kozak never had any personal contacts to Salvini, never held any official or ‘secret’ meetings with him,” Dzhus said to reporters.

An article from Russia Today goes into detail about why the bombshell report is baseless nonsense:

The article by the popular Italian magazine mentions nothing about the original sources of its information, but instead says that the whole story is part of a forthcoming book written by a couple of its journalists, which seems to be targeting Lega. It also scarcely mentions Salvini and Kozak, but instead says that the deal was largely orchestrated by the Italian deputy prime minister’s former spokesman, Gianluca Savoini, who conveniently turns out to be the president of the Lombardy-Russia cultural association.

The photos that Giovanni Tizian and Stefano Vergine – the authors of the hit-piece – showed as the supposed proof of their claims also do not demonstrate anything particularly incriminating. They picture the aftermath of a conference, which Salvini officially attended in Moscow, an outer view of a building where he reportedly met Kozak, and also show Savoini sitting at a table at Moscow’s Metropol Hotel’s restaurant – allegedly ahead of the “secret talks,” as the journalists spin it.

Despite lack of any solid proof, the story quickly got reprinted by some media, such as the Guardian and the Daily Beast. The Italian journalists behind the investigation admitted that they do not really know if the deal was struck at all as they presumably finished their “investigation” before the end of the negotiations.

In a sane world, Vladimir Putin would get a peace prize for saving the West from ISIS and perhaps another for helping rid the world of the fake news. L’Espresso - the fake news Italian newsmagazine that slandered Putin’s good name - should be ashamed of themselves. Gee that makes me wonder, how do you say ‘Learn to Code’ in Italian anyway?

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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