Trump And Putin: Brothers In Peace In Venezuela

Contrary to fake news media reports, these leaders are healing the world with their caring approach.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shot the breeze over the phone this week, chit-chatting about all kinds of topics including Venezuela.

Afterward, Trump confirmed what many of us had suspected: the fake news was lying about the situation in Venezuela.

Putin, the dovish teddy bear who worked to defeat ISIS in Syria out of the kindness of his big Russian heart, is working to assist the situation toward peaceful ends.

“He is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela, other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela, and and I feel the same way,” Trump said about Putin after the two leaders exchanged digits for a Friday talk-a-thon.

The fake news is up in arms over Trump’s statement, because it contradicts some nonsense made up by bureaucrats and other hacks wishing to drive wedges between the nations.

ABC News issued this shameful piece of fake news:

Trump not only contradicted himself but also his top advisers, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who just days ago charged that Russia had blocked U.S. efforts to get Maduro out of the country, persuading him at the last-minute not to take a waiting plane to Cuba.

Russia has boosted Maduro, who has faced months of protests over Venezuela’s economic crisis and his seizure of power. Those protests are expected to continue on Saturday after opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, who the U.S. and 53 countries have recognized as Venezuela’s legitimate leader, said he and his supporters “will mobilize the main military units throughout the country.” The opposition-controlled National Assembly declared Guaido interim president in January, but months of demonstrations and U.S. sanctions have not pushed Maduro from his grip on power — even after a major uprising Tuesday.

That’s in large part because of Russian support, according to the U.S Russia sent at least 100 troops to rendezvous with Maduro’s security forces in March. Russia also has shielded him from sanctions or penalties at the United Nations Security Council, transferred his government’s assets to protect them from U.S. economic pressure, and reportedly even convinced Maduro to stay in power on Tuesday after Guaido and the U.S. said he’d won the allegiance of some top Maduro aides and a key portion of the military.

The fake news is right about one thing: Trump’s hawkish advisers, who DJT has tuned out completely, are trying to push needless intervention in Venezuela and conflict with Russia.

“Maduro is only clinging to power because of the support of Russia and Cuba, the only foreign military forces in Venezuela. Without foreign interference, the democratic process in Venezuela would be underway today,” national security adviser John Bolton said.

“We have a comprehensive set of options tailored to certain conditions,” Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan added.

The small-brained corporate media and federal bureaucratic slime cannot operate on the same level as Putin and Trump. These men, bonded through trials and tribulations, are the clear leaders of the free world. Their push toward peace shall prevail in Venezuela, damn the haters!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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