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Vladimir Putin Honors His Great Friend Bibi Netanyahu On Independence Day

These brave men are the glue that is holding together Western Civilization!

Russian President Vladimir Putin, the savior of the world, issued a greeting to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who recently defeated his country’s deep state to stay leader of the Jewish nation.

“It is symbolic that this year your country’s national holiday coincides with the Day of the great Victory, which rid the world from the brown plague and saved the Jewish people from extermination,” Putin said in a statement issued through the Kremlin.

Yesterday marked the 71st Independence Day of Israel, and the country has never been more powerful and influential than ever under Netanyahu’s strong rule.

“The lessons of the past war are relevant once again. We have done and will do all that is necessary to guarantee the high capabilities of our armed forces,” Putin added.

Israel and Russia will work together to rid the world of the scourge of radical Islam. ISIS is now decimated, but the threat has not subsided. The refugee crisis, pushed for by globalist oligarchs, threatens both countries.

“There is no asylum seeker problem in Israel - they are illegal job immigrants. We don’t have to open our doors to be swamped by the way other people run their economies,” Netanyahu said of so-called refugees.

“I remind you that there are a million refugees in Jordan and a million in Lebanon,” Putin said to German leader Angela Merkel, who has not been touched by a man’s hand since before the Iron Curtain fell. “There are 3 million refugees in Turkey. This is potentially a huge burden on Europe, so it is better to do everything possible so that they can return home.”

These men will have to continue to save Europe alongside the populist uprising that is happening in every country throughout the continent. That is the only way Israel, Russia, and Western Civilization can survive!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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