Migrant Caravan STOPPED In Mexico, But Invaders Have Not Given Up

The caravan has been stopped, but do not expect the Democrats to give up on their ‘October Surprise’

The government of Guatemala was able to stop a refugee caravan that was carrying thousands of Honduran migrants who were threatening to invade the United States as conquerers demanding welfare benefits and other entitlements while committing scattered violence along the way.

According to video footage from Telemundo, the caravan was repeled on the river crossing between Guatemala and Mexico. Despite being stifled, the wannabe invaders do not plan to stop their march.

“Only God on high can stop us,” 24-year-old Honduran migrant Juan Escobar said to the Associated Press.

“Unbelievable sight on Mexican border.. tear gas.. rocks being thrown … caravan wants to enter … not able to right now,” Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart wrote in a Tweet.

President Donald Trump moved swiftly against the caravan, indicating that he would not stand idly by as invaders make a mockery of US laws. He threatened the countries harboring these criminals that repercussions would be swift if they did not take immediate action to this menace.

Trump’s tough talk compels other countries to act because they know it is not empty bluster. Trump has shown that he will defend the interests of America against foreigners and other subversive interests. But still, eternal vigilance remains necessary. Soros or whoever is behind this invasion scheme will quickly re-group and figure out new ways to undermine US sovereignty and border security.

Trump needs to go after whoever is funding this garbage, and expel them from the US at a bare minimum!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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