Man Goes On Stabbing Spree In France. Suspect Is Reportedly An Afghan Asylum-Seeker

Police arrested a man in France, reportedly an Afghan asylum-seeker, Saturday after he allegedly went on a stabbing spree, killing one person and injuring nine others.

The attack occurred outside a subway station in the Lyon suburb, Villeurbanne, in the eastern part of France, The Associated Press reported. The assailant was allegedly a 33-year-old Afghan national seeking asylum in France, according to a national police official.

The reason for the attack was unclear but did not appear to be terrorism-related, and the suspect gave contradictory information about himself, the police official told AP. The official was anonymous due to government policy.

Villeurbanne Mayor Jean-Paul Bret said the fatality resulting from the attack was a 19-year-old man and three of the nine who were injured were left in critical condition.

The subway station where the attack occurred has since been demarcated for further police investigation.

The national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office has not yet been involved with the investigation.

Written by Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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