France Cracks Down On Free Speech

Macron Seeks To Collude With Facebook And Google To Further Online Censorship

The lower house of the French parliament has passed a measure, part of an internet regulation bill, which would force tech companies like Facebook and Google to enforce the government’s censorship of online content that it deems “hate speech.” Companies which fail to remove offending content in time would be subject to fines of up to €1.25 million. The legislation, proposed by president Macron, will now move to the senate for further consideration.

The bill is a clear step towards further domestic tyranny under Macron’s globalist government, which has spawned an unprecedented grassroots movement, the Yellow Vests, in protest against his elitism and crushing neoliberal policies. Earlier this year, Macron’s primary rival, the patriotic nationalist/populist National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, who contended with him for the presidency, was targeted by state prosecutors for sharing images of ISIS violence in response to her party being compared to the Islamic terrorists.

While popular discontent with the globalist tyranny of puppets like Macron and his European and international handlers only continues to grow, the globalist establishment remains intransigent to the suffering it is causing, and in fact only promises more tyranny in defense of its dystopian vision of the future. Orwellian state/tech censorship such as this is likely only the beginning.

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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