Fake News Pollsters Get It Dead Wrong, As Conservatives Win BIGLY In Australia

The Conservatives won despite all of the phony polls saying they would lose.

The fake news pollsters got it dead wrong again, just like they did on election night in 2016 when Donald Trump put the whoopin’ on Crooked Hillary. This time, the lyin’ liberal media screwed the pooch by inaccurately forecasting the Australian national elections.

All of the polls said the candidate from the leftist Labor Party would win the Prime Minister and leader the new governing coalition, but the conservative Liberal Party incumbent won re-election in surprising fashion earlier today. Choke on that, leftist losers!

Cryin’ NPR regrettably reported on these developments:

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison won re-election on Saturday, stunning pollsters who had anticipated his defeat for several months. Morrison championed working-class economic stability during his campaign, and his victory is part of a populist trend, which now stretches across the U.S., Brazil, Hungary and Italy…

In a suburb of Sydney, however, the Liberal Party did suffer a setback. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott lost his race there, where voters are demanding action on climate change.

In his concession speech, Abbott said, “It’s clear that in what might be described as ‘working seats,’ we are doing so much better. It’s also clear that in at least some of what might be described as ‘wealthy seats,’ we are doing it tough, and the Green left is doing better.”

Morrison is an evangelical Christian, who has professed admiration for President Trump. During his campaign he promised voters he would lower energy prices, and cut costs for first-time homeowners.

In 2013, as immigration minister, Morrison advocated denying asylum seekers arriving by sea the right to apply for settlement in Australia.

The valiant Morrison addressed supporters in his victory speech:

The Trump effect is taking hold throughout the world. Right-wing leaders are on the rise, and the momentum is only continuing to build. Are you sick of winning yet? Not until 2020, when President Trump gets his second of hopefully limitless terms in the White House!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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