President Trump To Meet With Covington Catholic Students

The meeting may happen as early as tomorrow

When a group of young catholic men attending the March for Life were filmed in a confrontation with Native American activist Nathan Phillips, the video spread like wildfire across social media.  Most of the initial viewers, from all sides of the political spectrum, accused the students depicted of racially targeted harassment, but were forced to issue a series of retractions after subsequent videos have contradicted the original claims.

Many of Kentucky’s famous politicians, from Rep. Thomas Massie to Sen. Rand Paul, have issued statements supporting the students; now President Trump, after issuing his own statement of support, plans to meet with them as early as tomorrow.  This may be seen as a major moral victory for the students, their parents, and their defenders, as they have faced harassment and threats of violence in the wake of the controversy, with their school even being forced to close their doors today due to safety concerns.

The debacle originated from a video on social media depicting a group of MAGA hat wearing students yelling chants at Phillips, with one now infamous student standing nose to nose with him in what many perceived to be an act of disrespect towards the Native American elder.  The video drew condemnations from all over, from politicians to musicians to hollywood actors.  Many, including disgraced journalist Kathy Griffin, even attempted to doxx or threaten violence against the students.

After much of the damage was already done, a number of videos came out that contradicted the original narrative surrounding the controversy.  Many publications and commentators from across the political spectrum rolled back their condemnations and promised to be more cautious in the future,

A number of left wing progressives continue to hold fast to the argument that the students were in the wrong, with some going so far as to attack the Covington Diocese and their school to prove that the students were malicious.

Written by Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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