House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Touts American Perseverance On The Final Night Of The RNC

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy opened the final night of the Republican National Convention Thursday, saying that despite the challenges the United States faces, the nations’ best days lie ahead.

During his opening monologue, McCarthy reflected on quintessential American triumphs, including “vanquishing fascism and communism,” and praised President Donald Trump’s record on moving the country forward.

“As Americans, we look forward, not backward,” McCarthy said. “Together we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen.”

McCarthy also referenced the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has infected almost six million Americans and killed approximately 180,000 as well, according to a Johns Hopkins University database.

“We face an invisible enemy that we didn’t ask for… or invite. But we will defeat it. We will defeat it because America is where innovation happens,” McCarthy said, touting the progress made in developing a vaccine and Trump’s “Marshall Plan,” referring to the multiple stimulus packages that helped “put hardworking taxpayers back on their feet.”

McCarthy also targeted Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, labeling them as “socialists” who “want to defund the police,” despite Biden’s rejection of the stance in previous interviews.

McCarthy concluded by saying that the choice this November “could not be clearer,” asking Americans to support a ticket that stood for “freedom,” “prosperity” and “personal liberty.”

Written by Andrew Trunsky

Andrew Trunsky is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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