Jordan Peterson Dines With Globalists At Trilateral Commission

This is another indication that the academic is not as pro-individualist as he seems

Jordan Peterson’s popularity has exploded over the past couple years, as the Canadian left-wing academic rose from obscurity to become perhaps the world’s most noteworthy thinker after opposing transgender pronoun mandates at the University of Toronto.

But is there more than meets the eye for this powerful intellect? Did Peterson’s meteoric rise to prominence happen because of more than just mere happenstance? Perhaps his growing influence was planned behind the scenes. Some troubling recent behavior has bolstered the theory that Peterson may be a globalist plant.

Cracks are rapidly appearing in the facade of Peterson and the persona he has carefully crafted. He first called for Brett Kavanaugh to step down as Supreme Court nominee while facing the leftist-driven witch hunt. Peterson calls himself a “liberal” in the classical definition, but may be downplaying how far to the left he really is as he continues his mission to “deradicalize” the far-right.

Peterson also implied that meme users were responsible for a recent murderous Synagogue rampage in Pittsburgh. Despite claiming to be an individualist and not a collectivist, he attempted to assign collective guilt over a terrorist act to those who have used the now-infamous three brackets meme pertaining to Jews. This is particularly alarming as it comes during a time when the European Union and other influential globalist entities are looking into the possibility of banning memes.

Peterson’s close associations to globalists are noteworthy as well. He signed on to write a United Nations whitepaper titled, “A NEW GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP: ERADICATE POVERTY AND TRANSFORM ECONOMIES THROUGH SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.” The report endorses globalism, opposes private property, and calls for third-world migrants to overwhelm Western society.

“The universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants must be respected. These migrants make a positive economic contribution to their host countries, by building up their labour force,” the report read.

“I worked on the UN Secretary-General’s High Panel for Sustainability Report that was delivered, I believe, in 2013, and rewrote the underlying narrative to strip out most of the ideological claptrap,” Peterson said when asked about the report on a podcast.

The report outlines a master plan to undermine the sovereignty of the nations of the world on the path to achieve total globalism.

The report reads: “One of their most exciting features is that they can bring about a change in mind-sets, altering the thinking of millions of people worldwide. It may be a simple issue: the campaign to encourage hand-washing or to use insecticide-treated bed nets against malaria. It may be complex, like a campaign to recognize and address human contributions to climate change, or the need to change to sustainable consumption patterns. But always it involves reaching people in every country and in every walk of life.”

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Peterson is wining and dining at this very moment amongst members of the globalist ruling elite. He is one of the billed attendees at the annual summit of the infamous Trilateral Commission, an organization founded by David Rockefeller with the explicit purposes of undermining nationalism and establishing a one-world government.

According to a Target Liberty report, Peterson was listed amongst a distinguished roster of Trilateralists meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia including: Former President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, Nigel Higgins of the Rothschild & Co of London, Jacob Frenkel of JPMorgan Chase International, head of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger, former Secretary General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, KBC Bank Group Thomas Leysen, former head of EBRD Jean Lemierre, Lionel Barber of The Financial Times, and President of the Atlantic Grupa Group Emil Tedeschi. Peterson’s name was listed next to all of these individuals and other top globalist big shots.

You don’t get an invitation to the Trilateral Commission unless you are a significant world player working ambitiously toward advancing the globalist agenda forward. With Peterson and the immense right-wing following he has garnered in such a short period of time in their back pocket, the powers-that-be have scored a major propaganda coup against the populists. Expect Peterson to continue undermining the right-wing at opportune times while never missing a chance to rub elbows with elites.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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  1. I’ve known Peterson was a phony from the start. The globalist freaks always parade a few “conservatives” around such a William F. Buckley to mislead those who realize something is wrong.

  2. What a dangerous man. So, he is going to use his rationality and “big brain” to help (((them)))???????? When will “smart” men realize that they cannot control us? We are individuals! We are not their TOYS.

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