ABC’s Roseanne Remorse

The network is realizing that placating social justice warriors doesn’t help their bottom line

After comedienne Roseanne Barr made an innocent joke about former Obama official Valerie Jarrett, she was castigated by the digital lynch mob and her career was destroyed. The network that had revived her show with great success, ABC, removed her highly-rated program off the air.

Months later, the ABC network is reportedly realizing that they have made a grave mistake. They are getting ready to debut “The Connors,” which will feature the same family from Roseanne’s show without its title character. The network is coming to the same realization that everyone else thought after they heard the news: This show is going to be a stinker.

“We didn’t think it through properly. What Roseanne did was wrong but we shouldn’t have rushed to fire her. It was almost a knee-jerk reaction by Ben [Sherwood] and Channing [Dungey] who should have launched an investigation,” one executive told the Daily Mail. “This would have given them more time to listen to the public, advertisers and cast members to determine the best decision.”

“I mean the season finale saw Roseanne going to the hospital for knee surgery. While they worked out her fate, her character could have faced serious complications and fought for her life, while simultaneously making Roseanne fight for her career with a national apology tour,” another anonymous whistle-blowing executive said.

The executive added, “The morning the racist tweet scandal blew up, Roseanne offered to publicly apologize and do the rounds of every show but Ben and Channing weren’t having any of that and wanted her gone. Why not have her front a PSA for the network on racism and cyber bullying?”

Roseanne Barr is already rehabbing her image and she will likely come out of this smelling like roses. She appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience to discuss her life since losing her show and becoming a liberal pariah. She believes ABC is “entitled” for attempting to revive her hit TV show without her:

“The Connors” will debut on ABC this Tuesday, and it will likely be a feather in Roseanne’s cap after it predictably bombs. Let this be a lesson to all who is paying attention: Placating social justice trash hurts your bottom line.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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