Emmanuel Macron’s Path To The Guillotine

The leader’s regime is going down in a ball of flames, and he may be too arrogant to quit with his health intact.

French President Emmanuel Macron is a man with supreme delusions of grandeur. He boasts about the need of a globalist European Union army while his own nation slips out from underneath him. French MPs are working to give Macron an embarrassing “no confidence” vote on Monday to show their displeasure and dissatisfaction with his regime as Yellow Vest protests continue to besiege the nation. “We’ve decided to work together to file a no confidence vote [to the government] next Monday. During the coming days, we will seek to increase the number of signatories. We have to show that other ways are possible,” First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure said in a Twitter post.

Worsening matters, the Yellow Vests are not going away. Macron capitulated on the fuel tax, making him look weak and foolish, to get them off of his back but to no avail. The optics could not be worse for Macron as authorities become more repressive as they cling to power.

Things turned particularly ugly at a French high school this week, in a scene eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany where children were forced to kneel before their government masters:

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe claims that 89,000 police forces will be deployed during the weekend to keep the Yellow Vests under control, according to a report from the Evening Standard. If there is a death of a French patriot at the hands of the cruel and unjust French authorities, it may mean immediate regime change is in order for France.

After all, Macron is gassing his own people, and according to the liberal media these days, that is enough to justify an elected leader being removed from power, right? I mean, children are suffering. Something must be done!

But it is not likely that a western intervention will be necessary to depose Macron. The Yellow Vests have taken hold of society and are not likely to relinquish it. If Macron is too arrogant to resign in the near future, it is likely that he will have his date with the guillotine!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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