Trump’s Poll Numbers Against Biden Are Worrisome In Rust Belt States

A GOP pollster has released some bad numbers for President Trump as he hopes to secure his second term.

Recent numbers released by a GOP pollster show that Trump is doing a good job in certain battleground states, but is lagging in the key rust belt states that ultimately put him in the oval office in 2016.

There were some key findings in the report, as the Washington Examiner explains:

Beyond this sort of industry-specific data, the poll included a trove of information that could offer clues about 2020. For instance:

  • Across Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, Trump’s approval is strongest among Republicans (91%), conservatives (82%), and voters without a college education making less than $75,000 (59%).”
  • Across the same states, Trump’s approval with rural voters was 54%; was 49% with suburban voters; weak with “moderates” — a low 29%; and a respectable 46% with independents.
  • In a potential matchup with Biden, Trump led in Florida 48% - 44%; in Iowa 49% - 44%; in Texas 49% - 42%; and in Wisconsin 46% - 42%. However, Biden topped Trump in Michigan 45% - 42%, and in Pennsylvania, where the former vice president launched his campaign, 46% - 45%.

President Donald Trump may be lagging because of his immigration and foreign policy changes in recent months.

While Trump was elected to seal the borders and build the wall, that hasn’t exactly happened as illegal border crossings are spiking while Trump has pushed for more legal immigration which has caught the ire of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)

On foreign policy, the neocons Trump has brought into his administration have taken control and the U.S. is on the brink of regime change wars with Venezuela and Iran as a result.

Until Trump gets back to his ‘America First’ mandate, his chances at keeping his grip on the rust belt will continue to dwindle as Creepy Pervert Kid-Loving Uncle Joe Biden emerges as a strong Democratic contender.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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  1. I did not know that the texas fose was a state in the balance I believe that in reality the situation of Trump is very bad, even if to me Biden does not like is old and does not have the dowry of the command of the leadership! Hillary comes into play. you are the only one who can save america from its decline! Hillary forever

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