Trump Jr. Describes Mainstream Media As a “Blight On Our Republic”

President’s son believes that media has “done irreparable damage” to itself

Donald Trump, Jr. - son of President Trump, echoed his father’s frequent criticism of the media on Sunday, calling it “a blight on our republic.’’

This comes in the wake of the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference into the 2016 election.

Speaking to Fox News, Trump Jr. said that although some journalists tried to be fair to his father, he believes that it has become “a business model” for media outlets to attack the Trump administration.

“I think there were some people that tried to actually be fair. When they were actually fair you’d see the other side just try to just obliterate them… it became a business model for most media to attack Donald Trump and to buy into this narrative,” he said. “And if you didn’t, you upset a lot of people and risked your career, you risked other things.”

Trump Jr. believes that mainstream media outlets have done ‘irreparable damage’ to themselves with the coverage of the Mueller investigation, as well as their coverage of the administration as a whole.

He described the current media culture as  “a terrible disservice to this country, to journalism as a profession.”

“I think they’ve done irreparable damage to the faith that the average American is going to have in terms of mainstream journalism,” he continued.

In February, Trump Jr wrote an op-ed in Breitbart News where he eviscerated the media coverage of the Covington Catholic schoolboys.

A new CBS poll released last week found that the majority of Americans believe that the Russia investigation was politically motivated and that Democrats should stop their Congressional investigations into the president.

Written by Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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