President Trump Fulfills Key Campaign Promise By Leaving Syria, Proclaiming ISIS Defeated

“America First” Is Back As Trump Stands Up To Neocons

President Donald Trump is fulfilling one of his most consistent and key campaign promises by completely withdrawing the US military from Syria, stating that ISIS has been defeated, an intention he announced through a video on Twitter:

While the announcement has provoked universal uproar among the media class and the globalist, neoconservative political establishment – including even some in Trump’s own government not committed to his America First agenda – it is the fulfillment of one of his most important campaign promises. The president campaigned on refocusing national priorities on the American people and ending the corrosive legacy of endless foreign wars which drained American resources, ravaged an entire region of the world, provoked terrorist retaliation, and accrued undemocratic amounts of power to the shady Deep State, all with no benefit to ordinary people.

The president has repeatedly asked why America’s Gulf State allies contribute little or nothing to conflicts in their own region, and whether the tremendous cost of upkeeping endless foreign wars brings the US any tangible benefit. The commitment to reevaluating and ending foreign entanglements was a key element of Trump’s populist platform, and if the withdrawal is indeed completed (barring any more globalist interference), he will be the first US president in nearly two decades to make substantial progress toward freeing Americans from the tyranny of perpetual warfare conducted for globalist interests.

The president had tried to withdraw fully eight months ago, but due to heavy pushback from his advisers, allowed a grace period for the military to accomplish its goals. Now, Trump has assessed that the cost to remain is no longer justified, claiming that ISIS has been satisfactorily defeated. In his Twitter video, the president speaks specifically of his concern for the men and women of the military who have suffered and died and deserve to be brought home.

Though some US allies have already expressed dissatisfaction similar to the political establishment with Trump’s move, the president apparently did notify his close friend and ally, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, by phone a few days prior to his announcement. In April, after Trump’s first push to withdraw, Netanyahu reportedly had a ‘tense’ conversation with Trump in which he expressed concern over the potential impact to Israeli interests if the US were to leave. Trump, however, has apparently assured the Israelis that the US fully intends to maintain influence in the region in support of its ally.

Journalists, meanwhile, have responded to Trump’s decision to finally bring our soldiers home with nearly copy-and-paste screeds about the favorite globalist boogeymen of Iran, Russia, Putin, and Assad, writing in apocalyptic terms of the purportedly disastrous consequences if the neocon Deep State is not able to inflict perpetual war on yet another formerly free and prosperous country or subjugate it to soulless global neoliberalism. If Trump goes through with this, however, he will have accomplished a major campaign promise; angered all the right people; struck a genuine blow to the oppressive establishment; and reminded us all of the hope and power that his populism first inspired.

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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